Great Alne

Perfect weather, the most gorgeous setting, lots of happy, smiley wedding guests and most importantly, a stunning bride and her handsome groom.
Dominique and Luke’s wedding day was out of this world. The attention to detail, time and so much love that they put into planning their fabulous day was evident wherever you looked.
The ceremony was held in St Mary Magdalene Church in Great Alne, Warwickshire – I love this little church with its views across the fields and its bell tower and gallery; which every year has a hive of bees take up residence (and every year I wonder if this is the year I eventually get stung).
After the ceremony, guests made their way to Dominique’s parents home, where her amazing father had mowed, reseeded and grown the perfect green field, on which they had a stunning marquee, filled with flowers and decorations. Most of which were home grown and hand made.
I was in photographic heaven; with no limit to things and happy, gorgeous people to photograph.

I just wanted to say a bit thank you for the photos. We are so pleased with the results – you captured the day perfectly!!
Also, that one photo (well they were all fantastic but that one in particular) of Luke and I in the field is my dream photo, I will treasure it always. I am not a soppy person really, but it looks and feels almost magical.
-Dominique and Luke

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